After this show I’ve realized that it’s possible to be on cloud nine for 24 hours straight. Completing over 20 meetings on the first day and around 8 today gives me the pleasure to say three simple words, we killed it! The new line was a huge success and it defiantly set high standards amongst the other brands. So now I say so long to Agenda and onto the next one. I’ll post Agenda shots and an outfit update tomorrow but for now you get the pleasure to enjoy one of my favorite tunes. I’m exhausted to say the least and off to drink some tea in bed and catch up on my Olympics & MasterChef, then up again bright and early for that glorious six hour class…yipeee! 

Enjoy a tune from one of my favorite bands of all time, The Velvet Underground

Have a wonderful day Keller addicts, I’m off to class till bedtime. Enjoy a good tune on this summer day!

I never thought The Black Keys could get any better but add Johnny jamming with them and wah lah.

A good tune from me to you, enjoy!

Today’s favorite, enjoy.


Her Mind’s Like a Diamond.

Here is a little Lana to start off your day.

Hate the movie but I’m digging the soundtrack, enjoy!

New tune of the moment, enjoy!